Database Configuration

The database configuration contains the configuration settings, namely database name, Vertica version, database region, availability zone, communal storage location, and the IP addresses that can access the database.

You can change the IP access to the database by adding or removing IP addresses in CIDR form in the Database Configuration menu. To access the database configuration, navigate to the Home page and locate the database you would like to modify. On the top right corner of the database, select the More dropdown and from it click Database Configuration. In the new window, you can now update the IP addresses for database access:

  1. To enter a range of addresses, choose Custom, enter the desired CIDR range, and select Add.

  2. To restrict access to your IP, choose My IP and select Add.

  3. To make the database accessible publicly, choose Public and select Add.

Domain Name System (DNS) In Vertica Accelerator

All subclusters in Vertica Accelerator are automatically associated with Domain Name System (DNS). You do not need to hunt for a node's IP address. Subcluster DNS names use the following pattern:


If you have Elastic Autoscaling enabled for a database, a single DNS for the database replaces all the subcluster-specific DNS. Ensure that the connection DNS name for all your clients adhere to the following pattern:


You can find the DNS for every subcluster under the subcluster name on the Home page.