v.1.2.0 Release Notes

October 7, 2022

New Features

Customizable Date/Time Range Selector

The Usage Summary page now includes a customizable date/time range selector that shows how many vCPUs/hours you’ve used for each database based on a customizable time range.

Total Usage Summary

The Usage Summary page now includes a Total Usage section.

User Feedback Collector

A “Provide feedback” button has been added to the Accelerator Home screen for users who have signed in. By clicking it and filling out the form, you can send feedback to the Vertica Accelerator team.

Changes and Enhancements

npm Vulnerabilities Addressed

npm packages and dependencies have been updated to reduce vulnerabilities across commonly used browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari).

Error Messages Offer Helpful Suggestions

Error messages have been enhanced to offer more detail and suggestions for how to correct the error, making it easier for you to navigate Accelerator without having to reach out to and wait for a response from the support team.

Accelerator Now Loading on Safari

Previously, a recent update caused issues with loading Accelerator on Safari. The issue has been resolved, and now, Accelerator loads on Safari.

Job Lock When Task Fails

Previously, when a task failed, the error message was sometimes deleted. This issue has been resolved. Now, the lock and error message persist when a task fails.

Icon and Button Styling

The Accelerator user interface is updated with improved styling and hover behavior for icons, buttons, and tooltips.

Secure Outbound Traffic

Egress traffic security controls now limit outbound traffic. Only ports that are needed for security updates are open. All other ports are closed.

Terminate Database UI Text Updated

The UI text that displays when terminating a database has been updated.